New Exciting Schedule

April 27, 2015

Okay so those of you who have been reading since the very beginning will remember that for a good 6 months I kept to a blogging schedule. It then fizzled out because life got in the way and I became pretty lousy. However as of next week A Little Bit Of Laura will be back in business because I will be starting a blogging schedule again, (who's excited?... I am)!

So the schedule will be as follows:


So I am promising to give it my all with this new schedule and try my best to stick to it!

This week I will upload as much as I can, but the new schedule will start properly next week, so stay tuned!!

I want to say a quick thank you to those of you who have followed me, subscribed, given me thumbs up, and just generally been awesome!

A Little Bit Of Laura is hopefully about to get a hell of a lot better and exciting!!!

Speak soon
Laura X

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