Lead Your Own Life

December 28, 2014

So originally I was going to blog about Christmas, and I do still plan on doing that, but a recent thought has gotten me thinking and thus me wanting to write about it.

So, it's occurred to me lately just how much I think about others. And I'm not calling myself a saint, nor am I saying that by thinking of others I am never thinking about myself. Of course it is good to think of others- more people should do so. It's just sometimes, along the way, some of us get so caught up in other people's lives or problems or needs, that we forget to stop and take care of our own. Sometimes we run from the things we know we have to do by using other people's issues as diversions from our own.

I, myself, tend to focus greatly on what others are doing and how it effects me. Or planning my life around other people. This often includes waiting around for people, and listening out for answers from them. In the process of constantly waiting, I could have done several things- but because my mind is focused purely on them, I feel like I cannot possibly get on with my life, until they have arrived, or answered for example. Does this make sense?

So I thought about my own life. My goals, my ambitions and my feelings. And although I love thinking about others and putting their needs before my own, I rarely get time to think about myself and plan what I do. My life is constantly controlled by other people, whether they know it or not. My actions are always influenced my other people and when I am by myself I often find myself thinking about what others would think or how they perceive me, or even what they may be up to. And although it is a very tricky habit to shake, I think it is important sometimes to be a bit selfish- not in a nasty way, but by loving ourselves and giving ourselves attention, we should begin to feel more at peace with our lives.

We shouldn't have to worry or plan our lives solely on other people. Having people in our lives should be seen as a gift, not a burden on our lives. We should care for others for sure, but sometimes it is acceptable to put ourselves first. To be able to forget all our queries and worries or stresses about family or friends, even for just a few hours to focus on ourselves, would truly be refreshing. So many people spend their lives looking after others, when really they should be looking after themselves.

So from now on, always remember to take time to treat yourself, pamper, or spend some time just being you. And if you are the type of person who always seems to be being looked after- maybe take some time to think about the people looking after you and thank them for being so selfless and loving.

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