He had a suitcase!

January 07, 2015

There are so many cruel things happening in the world, and one thing that really gets to me in animal cruelty. Being someone who has constantly been around animals and pets and who has been brought up living beside them, I cannot imagine or comprehend a reason for anyone wanting to harm an animal. I makes me feel physically sick.

I have had the pleasure of owning two dogs. Both golden retrievers and both beautiful and lovely dogs. Anyone who has dogs or cats or any kind of pet for that matter, will understand the bond that forms between our species. I always get the heart wrenching pain when ever I read or see something that highly suggests animal cruelty. Not only is this because I think of my own dog and think about the pain I would go through if he were to go missing or someone steal him, but also because I cannot understand how anybody could be so evil to something so innocent. Dogs are wonderful creatures who will love their owners' unconditionally (something WE could learn from), so it is inexcusable for anyone to dismiss cruelty to animals of any kind- using dogs as my example.

I recently read an article through Facebook about a dog who was abandoned at a train station and tied up with a suitcase full of his belongings. And I wanted to cry. He had a suitcase! If that doesn't upset you I don't know what will. Animals may not be human, but they certainly are people- in my opinion. Just because they don't speak our language does not mean they are less important to our world or have less worth.

It needs to be sorted out. People who abandon or hurt poor defenseless animals need to be found and prosecuted.

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