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December 10, 2014

Okay so as well as battling with Uni deadlines, I've taken it upon myself to write a little post for all you beauty lovers out there. Now I'm not promising a break through of the century or anything grand, but I did buy some new make-upy things the other week so I thought I would share my thoughts to all.

SO the story goes, I ran out of powder (oo so interesting). I know right, this sounds like such a first world problem- and it is! But anyway, I work weekends, and I like my make-up to be as hard wearing as possible. This usually means wearing powder. Now I don't know whether it's just my face or not, but make up never stays on well, even ones that promise they will. Maybe I touch my face far too often I don't know. The point is... I needed/wanted a new powder.

Now I'm a student, so I was never planning on splurging on something like Maybelline or Rimmel. I wanted something that was cheap, easy and did it's job and would perhaps last until I could afford a better one etc.

So I took an early morning, brisk walk to big ASDA (saying that, I've never really seen a small one). I didn't find anything there, although we did buy some vinegar (exciting). So next I went to Superdrug, and I was superhappy (see what I did there? Terrible I know) as I didn't realise there was a Superdrug near ASDA. I went in there and I discovered a brand which I think I'd only ever come across once before and had totally forgotten about. MUA.

This brand was so cheap AND they were doing a 3 for 2 deal which is great. I didn't really need 3 things but I thought 'what the hell'- naughty I know. But it all came to less than £10 so it wasn't bad at all!

Here are my purchases:

Mua- Make Up Academy- Pressed Powder- Colour: Natural

Now the colour looks fairly light, but actually comes up darker. Unfortunately but biggest regret with this is that it came out way too orange on my skin- maybe my own fault. However it does go on very well. You have to apply a fair bit if you're wearing thick make-up because it's very light. However it feels so nice on your skin- super soft! So just make sure you get the right colour! This product was only £1!!! Bargain!

Mua- Matte Perfect Foundation
This foundation is really creamy and soft. Again I feel as though the colour was a tad too dark for my skin tone, so I need to look around for some other shades, but overall this was an alright products considering it was so cheap! It's a good sized tube as well, so you really get your money's worth. This would be great for maybe popping in your hand bag for emergencies or maybe if you're going for a nude/natural/no make up look for just a thin base layer.
Mua- Highlighter
This is so lush- it's got some really nice pearly pinks and purpley tones in which really highlights your face. It's great for creating a dewy, glossy, no make up kind of look. Just don't go overboard other wise you'll be so highlighted you'll probably blind people.

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