Student Foods- What to Buy

February 11, 2014

As a student, we are constantly trying to find the cheapest brands of foods. Although its tough, its actually a valuable lesson for the future. If you look hard enough you will find there are foods out there which are much cheaper and taste just as good as the more expensive ones. Here are a few tips and foods that are great for students:

1.) First of all remember to buy food that will last a longer time- tins often have a great date on them, so they won't mind sitting in the cupboard for a while. Think beans and spaghetti hoops- although you can find much more inventive tins I'm sure!

2.) Pasta is great! Buy this in bulk as it'll always keep and you'll have enough to last you. It's great with anything, you don't need a professionally made sauce, you can have it with salad, some olive oil, and some strips of ham. Whatever takes your fancy, pasta is a MUST HAVE.

3.) Who ever says value foods aren't good, they are talking nonsense. When out shopping ALWAYS look at the value foods. I for one live off them, and to be honest they taste great. Sure maybe some things don't taste as good, but we're not fussy! I'd much prefer to spend £1 on a meal then £3. Wouldn't you?

4.) Be aware of things on offer. Although sometimes things on offer are a bargain, you must be careful. When something is offering you '3 for 2' , think to yourself 'will I even use 3?' If you wouldn't then you're actually spending more money by buying 3 because you won't use them all. Spending less and not getting the offer will turn out cheaper and better!

5.) At certain times, shops start putting out 'Reduced' goods. These are usually things that go out of date the next day. However if you refrigerate well, in some cases they may last longer. The other day I got a little container of fruit that should have been £1, for 10p. Bargain!

6.) FREEZE your bread. Okay, so you will have to take pieces out and let them defrost for ten minutes if you want a sandwich, but the loaf will last ages, and this means you won't end up throwing half a loaf in the bin because its gone out of date and you haven't eaten it.

7.) If you've made too much pasta (for example) pour the remaining into a container, leave to cool, and then pop in the fridge. Now you have a meal for your lunch the next day already made for you. You can either heat it up or eat cold depending on whats in it. In some cases you can freeze it, and have it at a much later date.

8.) ALWAYS read instructions as to freezing and re-heating things. You do not want food poisoning just from being too lazy to read the packet!

9.) Try to eat up what you have in your cupboards before buying more food, if possible. Try mixing different things, not only will you use up foods, but you may actually create a new recipe you like. 

10.) Don't assume ordering take out will be cheaper. It may be easier but it won't be cheaper in the long run. Sure, treat yourself every now and again. We all do! But remember, a home cooked meal will not only be better for you, but will probably cost you much less- you can get more ingredients for a lower price!

I hope these tips have been useful. Don't forget to compare prices at different supermarkets too. X

ALDI and ASDA are fantastic!

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