February 18, 2014

There are people all over the world who aren't happy with the way they look. In fact most people would admit to not liking something about themselves. The thing is, in today's society we are encouraged and forced to look and act like celebrities. We are constantly reminded via the internet and newspapers and magazines about what looks good and what doesn't, and how to dress and how not to. We are made to feel bad about ourselves if we don't appear 'perfect'.
I think this is outrageous. We should be who we are. No amount of clothes, money or make up will ever turn us into someone else. If you try to look like your favourtie celebrity, you are still you, and they are still them, so is there any point trying to be like them? My point is being original and unique is far more admirable than copying others. Stand out and be who YOU want to be. Wear what makes you happy. Instead of silly diets that will damage your body, try a diet that works best for, that helps you get the most out of life. Instead of feeling like you have to cut everything bad out of your diet or even worse stop eating all together, think about what it is you actually want to change about yourself. Instead of modelling yourself on someone else, think about your best assets and mold yourself from yourself. Don't try to be someone else, just be a better version of yourself-(not that you need to;everyone is beautiful).

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