Make the most of Winter

February 03, 2014

I know sometimes Winter can be gloomy. Cold stormy nights, wet clothes and wind swept hair. But that's no reason to feel down. And if you are feeling down you're not alone. January is always an anticlimax after Christmas and New Years, we feel the next best thing to look forward to is summer, and lets face it, that feels ages away.  If you're a student it probably means you have exams, and if not then probably plenty of assignsments. Oh goodie. If you're a worker, that back to work winter sales and rush makes you want to curl up in your duvet. It's kind of like feeling fed up and bored, but then with no energy to change that. In my opinion we all need a giant hug. Things will get better, the sun will shine again and it'll start getting warmer eventually. But in the meantime try and think of things to enjoy in the winter. Why not treat yourself to a new hat and scarf or fashionable coat, so that when you go out you look forward to feeling and looking more glamourous. Or get yourself a new box set series to look forward to watching in the evening.  Cook adventurous meals or try new cheeses and wines. Fish out all those candles you've been given as presents for many years and enjoy the different scents. Get board games out and re-live your childhood with the family or all sit down with nibbles to watch the rugby.  Little things like making the most of the indoors can really brighten your mood. Whose says its only the sun that has the ability to make us happy?

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