Lose it Wisely!

February 25, 2014

As a young woman of twenty, I feel responsible enough to take this matter into writing. Don't worry, I'm not going to bore you with some ridiculous lecture or anything of the sort, but what I feel is necessary is a good talking to. Since being at University, this matter has become more and more apparent to me. And that is ladies and gentlemen * clears throat* the matter of virginity. Losing it, keeping it, throwing it at people, whatever.
 Growing up for everyone is hard, hitting puberty is not the best time of your life putting it nicely. But with all the stress of this, with school, college, University etc on top, I don't understand why we pile more upon ourselves. And yes, I am talking about the need, or shall I say, obsession with losing virginity's.

From my point of view, and I am in no way saying it is the only point of view, as of course thousands of you out there may disagree, your virginity is something special. You are letting a person into your life both emotionally and physically, and I personally don't think that is something that should be thrown around willy nilly (if you'll pardon the pun). Our bodies are all beautifully sculpted, each individual and each different, and that's what makes the world so special, I think we owe it to ourselves to respect our bodies. After all, they have been with us since birth- otherwise we'd just be a floating head!
When I was a few years younger it seemed majorly important to lose your virginity. Whether this was because it was seen as uncool if you didn't or because in fact everyone was scared that they'd never lose it, and wanted to get it out the way. Either way people should never feel pressured to do anything if they aren't ready or comfortable with it. The truth is when you get older you begin to regret the choices you made. Not all, but for sure some. And often the way people lose their virginity's is a regret. Whether you're 16, 18 or 25, what ever your age, never think it is acceptable for people to make you feel rubbish about whether you've had sex or not or force you to do it. Please never feel like you have to have had sex to fit in with a group. If that's the case, then those people aren't cool enough for you- for someone who is strong enough to say 'Hey, when I'm ready, I'm ready, not when you think I'm ready!'
Truth is, it doesn't matter when you lose it, the only thing that matters really is how you lose it. And I'm sure when you're 70 years old you'd prefer to look back and say you lost your virginity to someone that you truly wanted to be the one to take it. Unfortunately, we don't all choose that option, and that doesn't make us bad people. It just means we didn't think it through as much, and perhaps we, sadly, felt the pressures of society and our peers put too much strain on how we approached the matter. But for those of you reading this, you DO have the chance to think.
Sex is a very personal thing and we should take care of our decisions around it. After all its our bodies we are using. I'm sure you'd prefer to put your body in the hands of someone you love and trust! SO be brave and stand up for yourselves. Be ready for it when you want to be!

Another matter I thought I'd touch upon, and I won't go on for too long as I've already kept you a while, is about numbers. And no, I don't mean maths. Although that seems to be coming into it. Whilst being at University one of the most common things I hear being talked about, and this seems much more apparent in males( though not always) is how many people they have slept with. Apparently this matters? I see boys proudly admitting how many they've 'had' and 'bigging' themselves up to each other. I would just like to say a few words to those people:
Not only is it highly disrespectful to the other gender- thinking of them as objects or pieces of meat- but if you ask the opposite sex if they'd prefer a relationship with someone whose slept with one person or someone whose slept with 25... Who do you think they would choose?
Its not cool guys.
For those people who aren't counting, just enjoy sex, and are embracing it and aren't hurting people in the process- fair enough! Enjoy your life, I'm not hear to say don't have sex, or don't explore- go forth and do that!
My point is, sex to some people is an intimate beautiful thing and that needs to be accepted by more people! 
I'd much prefer to sleep with one person I was madly in love with for the rest of my life, than someone new each day, wouldn't you?!
After all- you only have one chance to lose your virginity! Lose it wisely!

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