Thinking Piratey Thoughts

February 24, 2014

My thoughts this morning are to blog about my thoughts, or thoughts that I seem to have daily. I don't mean the usual kind of thoughts like: 'what should I have for dinner?' OR 'What time do I need to get up?'. I'm talking about the unusual thoughts that I seem to have daily.

  1. Do Aliens live among us. We know they have got to be out there somewhere, with all those different planets in all those different galaxies and universes. Whose to say the strange man you saw on the bus isn't an Alien? Or the lady that looked at you weird in the street- Alien? And although this doesn't seem very likely, just think, 'what if?' What if these people take off their faces at night and resemble some sort of extraterrestrial.You might start looking at people differently now! Maybe you're an Alien, yes you reading this. Perhaps I am an Alien. I'm not. But what if I am. You can start to see how the mind starts to boggle over random things. But it strikes the question: what would an Alien look like? We see plenty of films and comic books with different interpretations of extraterrestrial beings, but perhaps they look completely different to how we imagine. Maybe they literally look like us. Maybe they are fluffy and pink like a giant candyfloss. (Now I want candyfloss). What do you guys think?
  2. I will never be a pirate. I don't mean the kind that are still around today and are dangerous, I mean the Jack Sparrow kind. He makes it look rather appealing, and after going on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride about twelve times in a row, all I could think about after was that I wanted to be a pirate. It actually gets me rather down thinking how I will never be one, or have those adventures. I think about being a pirate way too much. There is a part of me who wants to dress in a puffy white shirt and wear boots with buckles and sail the seas, and get a bit dirty and not have to care. I could have braids in my hair and wear a bandana. Okay so I am stereotypically describing a Pirate. But you have to admit it would be rather cool. What do you guys want to be?
  3. Disney doesn't happen. This one saddens me the most. Unfortunately the stories that happen in Disney films do not happen. Sure you might fall in love and it'll be beautiful. But hey, where's my castle? I think in this day and age, people are forgetting about romance and true love and all the sweet innocent things that used to come with love, like courting. While studying fairy tales at University you come to discover the origins of where Disney got their stories and to be honest they are no where near as glamorous.  But wouldn't it be lovely if life was as innocent as a Disney film.  

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