Flap Off

February 03, 2014

First there was Angry Birds and Candy Crush which took up all of our spare mintues making us anxious and desparate to score or reach the next level, but now we are cursed with yet another ridiculous game. I introduce to you Flappy Bird. Now i'm not going to sit here and slam people who play it. I play it. I feel ashamed. I installed it purely to see what all the fuss was about. My first reaction was 'What a load of rubbish, this isn't a good game!'- Then I noticed after about an hour and a half that I was still playing it- somehow! Now the past few days have been taken over by this colour changing, annoying little flyer. And lets talk about that shall we, is his wing broken or something? Why are we having to keep him up in the air? Also where are all these green pipes coming from? Surely if we saw that in the real world, the council would be on it quicker than Flappy could reach 10 points. I am amazed at how far some take it, and I thought I was bad on level 38 but some people continue playing until they reach 141 and then continue to search for a higher goal. With no reward at the end what is the point?

It seems to me that people are making more and more money off apps these days that are getting worse and worse purely because they know that people can't resist competition and the idea of getting a higher score than someone, even on a bad quality game. I seem to have a love/hate relationship with happy Flappy. He makes me want to throw my phone but I can't stop tapping that screen. Save yourselves if I were you, before it's too late!!

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