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May 11, 2014

So I went shopping for cosmetics the other day. I've never really bothered much in this area until more recently. My favourite thing to shop for is normally clothes, however recently I've discovered my new found love for cosmetics. Now I am still a student therefore I am not about to go out and splash the cash too much, so instead I found cheap alternatives and thus my review shall now commence...    

Boots- Simply Sensitive Toner
I've never really used toner. I have to admit to being really bad when it comes to beauty products and all you beauty fanatics will probably want to hit me when I say that I always use face wipes! EEEKK! However I want that to change. I already have a nice exfoliating face wash which you can find in one of my previous blog posts 'Spring Treats'. So after washing my face and having it feel super soft, I applied this.
What Does Toner Actually Do?
It says on the back that it sweeps away the last traces of impurities and make up, and revitalises to improve skin texture prior to moisturising.

I have felt as though my skin feels much more clean and prepared for the day/makeup, when I've used this. And as it's a Boots own product it was a fab price of only about £1.90! BARGAIN.

Seventeen- Stay Time- Long Wear Primer
This is fantastic. I never really understood what primer did before, but it acts as a glue for your make up. Meaning it stays on a lot longer. It also evens out skin tone and minimises pores. How excellent is that? And this cheeky little bottle was only about £3.45. It comes out in a flesh coloured liquid which feels quite tacky at first contact with your face, but it drys quickly meaning no waiting around before applying foundation. It's just a great all rounder really. I feel as though if I just wanted to go natural and only wear a bit of concealer or tinted moisturiser, this would be a great first base to assure what ever makeup I did have on would stay on, and would also leave my face feeling fresh!

Miss Sporty- Morning Baby BB Cream
I'd always heard about BB Creams and never even knew what it stood for. BB= Beauty Balm for those who were as silly as me. I wanted a BB cream as I'd heard great things about them. I supposed they are similar to tinted moisturisers, but more considered a foundation.
This one gives great coverage and makes your skin feel more alive. What I mean by that is it doesn't feel so suffocated by make up, like it might do with a regular foundation. I always feel as though I am being kinder to my face by using this! It goes well with primer and gives a nice glowing, glossy finish.

It also was a bargain of about £3.45.

Natural Collection- Powder
I absolutely adore Boots Natural Collection range. They are STUDENT FRIENDLY! Everything is basically under £3. How great is that! I needed a new powder because my last one, I think I dropped and it all fell apart which was very messy when it came to application and it went almost everywhere- not ideal. This little powder was only £1.99. It does everything a powder should do, so there is no excuses for buying a really expensive one when you are on a budget. This little guy does his job well!

Natural Collection- Concealer
I wanted a concealer and a highlighter but I didn't want to spend too much money- especially as some brands they are 2 in 1. So I had this idea about getting a concealer a shade paler than I needed so that I could use it as my highlighter as well. IT WORKED! This little stick was also £1.99 which is fantastic and it means you can leave the store not feeling too guilty for splurging the cash. It sets really nicely on the skin and covers up blemishes well. It'
s perfect handbag size as well, so no need to take a big foundation with you on a day trip, just pop this concealer in your bag and you're good to go!

Natural Collection- Lipstick- Moisture Shine-Coral Shimmer
I really wanted to get more into lipsticks this year so I thought I'd buy a few from Natural Collection seeings as their prices as so fantastic. I really like matte lipsticks but I couldn't find a shade I wanted, so I thought I'd give the shimmery ones a go. This is a nice natural colour which blends orangey tones together to make a good day lipstick. My only issue is the colour doesn't seem to be that noticeable when on. The shimmer is noticeable but it almost seems like a gloss or balm rather than lipstick and my natural lip colour seems still visible through the lipstick. However I actually quite like it because it means it is very natural and the gloss texture makes my lips feel lovely and nourished and it'll be great for popping in my handbag for a day trip- just for topping up!


Natural Collection- Lipstick- Sheer Natural- Honeysuckle
This review is pretty much the same as the previous as it is the same brand of lipstick. The only difference is the shade. This is a more pinky shade and actually matches my lips well which is good as it looks as though I am just wearing a shiny lip balm. I do have a criticism of these lipsticks however, and that is that the break off too easily. You know when they break at the stem and fall in your lap and then you have to carefully apply for fear of it falling in your lap the next time- yeah that happens. However it's never really caused me much trouble, it's just sad to see a new lipstick broken.


L'oreal Paris- Matt &Messy- Shine Free Salt Spray
I'm trying to take better care of my hair so I wanted an alternative to straightening and curling it. I really like messy hair and messy waves so I brought this in the hope that it'd create lovely scrunchy hair. Unfortunately it didn't. But to be honest my hair is naturally very straight so perhaps it just doesn't like my hair. It does however, give more volume to my hair which I am pleased with. Just because it didn't work much on my hair doesn't mean I will stop using it and trying it. And you should all try it as it seems a good product and if you have hair that takes better to it- it'll look fantastic.
 This was on offer and was only £2.99 I believe!

TRESemme- Breakage Defence- Hair Masque
I was in desperate need of a deep condition. My hair has felt so broken recently and weak and I'm not entirely sure why. This is great and I've used it for a few years now. It's in a big tub which lasts a very long time- depending on how much you use. You leave it on shampooed hair for a few minutes and then wash off and it leaves your hair feeling so nourished and soft and silky! It also smells ridiculously nice and you exit the shower feeling as if you've been to the salon! It was around the £4 mark I think which is great for what it is. It always seems to be on offer as well so look out for it!!

Okay so that's it for now and I hope you've enjoyed this little beauty post. I hope it encourages you to look at other brands and save so much money by buying cheaper products that work just as well. Feel beautiful whilst saving money-that is like the best thing ever for a woman!


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