5 ways to feel better about yourself

June 11, 2017

When we're so busy and pre-occupied with life it can sometimes become easy to forget to look after ourselves and as a result we can end up feeling bad, negative and a bit run down. Here are 5 ways to feel better about yourself

1.) Have a luxurious bath. Take time to have a hot bath. Take your book in (try not to get it wet), and use your favourite products. Having a bath is a great way to pamper yourself and give yourself a little spa therapy. Breath in the steam and soak up the bubbles.

2.) Buy a new make-up product. Sometimes this is all it takes to make us feel refreshed. Plus using the same make-up day in day out can cause our skin to get too used to it and after a while will probably reject the product and it will not work as well.

3.) Organise yourself. If your life is cluttered then your brain will be cluttered. Have a big tidy and sort out. Perhaps send old clothes to a charity shop and make room for the new you. Little things like making to-do lists, tidying your desk, or even hoovering, are small, simple ways to feel refreshed and give you a clearer head.

4.) Go out with your friends. The power of laughter and smiling is a wonderful thing. For a while, I didn't go out much or see my friends because all I wanted to do after work was curl up and watch TV, but this made me feel groggy and gave me cabin fever. Get outside and see your friends. you'll feel so much happier once you do.

5. Eat more fruit and get exercise. An obvious one I know but even after a single week of eating better and stretching your legs more, you'll start to see a different in your mood and your outlook on life. Give it a go.

Let me know in the comments the things that your do to feel better about yourself. It's so important that we leave time for ourselves.

Speak soon

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  1. completely agree with having a bath, instantly makes me feel so much better! xx




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