PR Enquiries:
If you would be interested in working with or collaborating with myself and this blog, then please read my disclaimer down below. Thank you!

All of the posts on this blog are written by myself and are my honest opinions and experiences. Posts will be truthful and honest in order to provide my readers with the honesty they deserve. The opinions in each posts are solely my own (unless mentioned otherwise). I write about my own thoughts and opinions and I do not expect others to always share the same.

I am sometimes really fortunate to receive samples and products by brands, which I am hugely grateful for. My views and opinions with these will always stay 100% my own and I will not rate something highly just because it has been sent to me as a sample. I will always give it an honest review, so that my readers benefit. Of course remember, what works for me, may not always work for other, so bear this in mind.

Any blog posts that include reviews about products I have been sent (this does not include gifts from family/friends) I will clearly specify and mention by putting '*'. If I am lucky enough to be sponsored, this too will be marked 'sponsored' or 'collaboration' on the post.

This blog does have Ad Sense, which means that you may see adverts. How this works means that if someone happens to click on an advert of interest and follows through with it, the blog makes a tiny % which is often like 0.01pence. I'm still figuring this out, but it does not effect readers.

If you wish to contact me, my details can be found on the contact me page.
Thank you.


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