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June 24, 2017

So, I may not be J.K Rowling but I've already got a fair bit of experience as a writer. I studied Creative and Media Writing at University and did my fair bit of blog writing and freelance journalism during my time there. I now work for a publishing company and write across four different magazine of different niches, cover travel, leisure and food.

I also thoroughly enjoy writing fiction and have started work on my first novel - I'm still waiting for that Eureka moment, however.

I am still young, only 23, but I feel like I can already share some wisdom to those just starting out or perhaps considering starting a blog or studying writing at Uni. Here are my tips:

1.) Don't worry what people think - At first, if you want to write, be it a blog or a novel or a poem, don't treat it as a product that is there to please others. Do it because you yourself enjoy the process. Once you start doing things because you want to, the quality is a lot better. Also try not to worry about judgement. People will judge no matter what in life so you may as well put yourself out there.

2.) If you're struggling for inspiration, perhaps you are writing a guest post or working on a feature for something other than your own site, a great way to get inspiration is to turn it around and look at it as if you are the reader. What would you want to read? Or take a second to think how you would want to write it if there were no rules. You can use these truths to motivate you and think of new ways to put across the message you want in a way that is both enjoyable to write and to read.

3.) Be nothing but yourself - This is especially true for blogs. I fear we all try too hard sometimes to be what we think others want us to be, or to be like someone else. But a blog is tonnes better when it is personal. Enjoy and celebrate your own quirks and use that as a hook for your blog. Don't conform to what everyone else seems to be doing. I found that I started enjoying blogging more again when I started writing what I wanted to write rather than what I thought was 'hot right now'.

4.) There is no harm in asking - If you want to review something or you'd like to feature something on your blog but you're not sure how to go about it, ask others and also make use of the press departments that most companies have. Drop them an email and they may be able to help. The worse they can say is no, so there is no harm is at least asking.

5.) Schedule - The past year has been super busy and I've found it hard to find time to blog. So now I write in advance and schedule my posts so that I don't have to keep working but my readers are still getting content. Spending one day a month to write some blog posts for the rest of the month has been a real blog life saver for me. I no longer have to stress that my blog is being neglected.

6.) Get out and about - Getting outside can be great for many things including inspiration and motivation for writing. You'll never have a clear head if you sit inside all day. In order to write well you have to be able to experience. From experience we can draw great stories and ideas to tell.

7.) Take time to read - It's important to read as a writer, but if you're not so into literature or like myself are a slow reader when it comes to fiction, pick up couple of magazines a month and have a flick through. It's another good place to find inspiration and to see what people are interested in and how things are written. It's useful to know because it can help you find your own writing style.

8.) Take breaks - Writing only works if we allow our brains and imagination time to relax and have fun. If we are constantly writing, our ideas run flat, and we get the equivalent of having constipation except in your brain. Brain constipation, if you will. Take a well earned break every now and then and shut out thoughts of writing so when you come back to it you feel fresh.

9.) Have nice stationary - This may not be a tip for some but if you're like me and you love having nice pens and notebooks to write in, it can really boost your motivation to know you have a fresh, pretty pad to brainstorm in or a new folder to store your work it.

10.) Talk to others - Sometimes we can get the best ideas from others around us. Maybe you want to base a character on your friend or you simply want their advice. Interaction with other human beings is important.

I hope these ten tips have helped in some way. Perhaps you can comment on this blog or tweet me your own tips for writing and blogging. I wish you all the best with you work!

Happy writing

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  1. I love posts like these, its handy seeing what works for other people! xx




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