5 tips for job interviews

July 01, 2017

So I've had a few job interviews in my time and I'm lucky enough to say that I've been offered every job I've ever been interviewed for. Not that I'm bragging... one of those jobs was KFC when I was about 17. Not that there is any shame in working for a fast food restaurant, they actually happen to be very fast passed, stressful jobs and I think you (points to anyone who works at a fast food chain) are doing a bloody good job!

Anyway, I digress, here are some tips for acing that big interview.

1.) Dress to impress - This may seem obvious, but so often we stress over what to wear for an interview. My best advice would be to overdress rather than underdress. Better to go for a smart suit/office dress rather than rocking up in jeans and finding out your interviewer is dressed as if they work in parliament.

2.) Say yes to a drink - If they offer you a drink, say yes (providing you want one of course). Not only does this mean you have a drink to lubricate your throat once you get rambling, it also shows you are confident, assertive and comfortable in your decision. Too many times are we far too polite and nervous to simply say yes to something they are offering. Having a glass of water in an interview also gives you time to think of your answer to a question being asked and the odd sip every now and again will relax you. Just don't ask for a cocktail when they ask... or do... spice things up. No but seriously, probably best not to.

3.) Talk slowly - I'm not saying mega slow, but slow enough that they can clearly hear what you're saying and slow enough so that it gives you chance to think. Often before I've spoken too quickly and ended up rambling and sounding panicked. Take your time. Remember, they wanted to meet you. So embrace the opportunity you have and speak proudly about your achievements.

4.) Ask questions - Often at the end of an interview they will ask you if you have any questions. It is best to plan a few questions before the interview that you will ask. Asking them questions show that a.) you've been listening b.) you care and are interested to know more c.) you've done your research, and d.) you mean business and need to know the information for if you consider taking the position.

5.) Shake their hands - This may be something that sounds so simple but the power of a confident hand shake can go a long way. Just make sure you've perfected it before hand (if you'll pardon the pun).

So these have been my top 5 tips for job interviews. Of course it's also important to be yourself. Good luck to all you.

Happy job hunting

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  1. such a handy post for anyone that might need it. Interviews can be the absolute worst x




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