5 health tips to fit into your daily routine

July 08, 2017

When you spend nine hours a day at work or spend your days busy with home or business or even blog admin (like me) then it's incredibly hard to fit in exercise or a routine diet or even to avoid snacking and buying treats from a vending machine. In fact it's probably the last thing on your mind, you have enough on your plate as it is, so why make things more difficult for yourself?

I've laid out five tips for busy people to incorperate a healthy lifestyle into their already busy schedule.

1.) Get a fruit defuse water bottle

These are great fun and only take a couple of minutes to prepare. Just chop up some citrus fruits, pop them in the middle section and add water. The fruit should stay fresh for the rest of the day and you can just top up the water when you need. Not only will it add a little kick to your water but it'll also cleanse your stomach and help with metabolism.

2.) Walk to work/Go for a walk on your lunch break

I know this can be difficult especially if you don't live in walking distance to your place of work. But if you can, perhaps go for a walk in your lunch break. I used to walk to the local park and take a packed lunch. It meant I got to stretch my legs, take in the fresh air, and get that all important vitamin D.

3.)  Take the stairs

I know this could result in a bit of sweat, but if you take them gently then it shouldn't cause you to get too hot. You'll feel much more energised for taking the stairs rather than opting for the lift. You'll also feel more awake as the motion of a lift can sometimes cause you to feel drowsy.

4.) Have a healthy snack draw

At work I have a snack draw but instead of filling it with unhealthy treats it's full of healthy snacks such as packets of sultanas, cereal bars, fruit and nuts. That way if I do get peckish I have no option but to choose something healthy.

5.) Cut out caffeine

I know this is hard when you work full time and you crave a pick me up, but cutting back on coffee and tea and choosing water will make a big difference in how you feel. I feel far to groggy after drinking too many hot drinks. So now I have more water and I honestly feel so much more energised.

Being healthy can be tricky but by introducing small changes into your daily routine, you can being to live a healthier lifestyle with minimum effort.

Happy living

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  1. tip number 5 would probably be the hardest for me, I do love tea! Although being pregnant I've been having decaf which tasted vile at first but it's growing on me haha xo

    Soph | sophiejc.blogspot.co.uk



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