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February 11, 2017

Hello readers,

Yes... tis me.

So recently I was lucky enough to get a brand new camera. Those who have been following the blog for a while may know that I love taking photos and I did study photography, although I am by no means an amazing photographer - but I do love snapping away when I can.

So, I thought I'd make a promise to myself. To never lose the ability to take nice photos - I put a lot of work into my course and I'd hate to lose my skill, and, to not just sit around when I could be exploring something, and to use these two things together.

So last weekend, I began. I took my wonderful new Canon camera out with me for a little stroll and I was incredibly lucky. Thinking I'd perhaps be able to sneak a good photo of a duck in, I was over the moon (quite literally) when I was able to take a photo of an enormous buzzard flying overhead and take an incredible (if I do say so) photo of the moon! It may not look amazing from a distance but if you zoom in you can actually see the craters.

This had me thinking. Sometimes we take for granted a lot. We often think we can't do things because of not having the accessibility. I often thought this about photography. I thought 'Oh there isn't anything interesting to take photos of'. But I was wrong, photography is much more about how you take a photo than what you take a photo of.

And so I thought 'challenge accepted'. I am now going to try and make the most of having such a wonderful area to live in, and having a wonderful camera. I also feel I need more fresh air and so this means there are no downsides really to my new plan.

So hopefully this will also mean more lifestyle posts - I know you like them - and better photos! Yippee!

So I pose to you this - try and get out this weekend, even if for a little walk, I know the weather it shite but try and find something beautiful, you never know you may find something you're surprised with.
How beautiful are these swans?

Speak soon

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  1. your photography is beaut! x



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