Snow Fairy LUSH review

February 05, 2017

Hello beauties

Just a little beauty review for you all seeing as I'm a terrible blogger at the moment.

I cannot express how much I am loving LUSH at the moment. It just smells TOO good.

I bought myself some Snow Fairy shower gel a while back as I'd used it before and loved the smell. I can't quite describe what the scent reminds me of, but I think it reminds me of a sweet that I used to like.

It, therefore, makes you smell like a sweet, which is pretty much what I want out of a shower gel. It's fresh and delicious and makes my Monday morning just that little bit easier.

Because I loved it so much, I was quick to get some more in the Boxing Day sale - although I believe I got it the day after Boxing Day. And I got it in a bigger bottle so to last even longer.

LUSH shower gels are amazing, they last so long because you only need a small amount to get a really good lather.

I also love the fact that LUSH is against animal testing - I mean who wouldn't love that?! But I think it is great to find a range of products that tick all the boxes and are also good for the world around us.

I'm interested to find out what products my readers like, so I've set some questions for you to think about below - so please comment either on here or tweet me your answers!

I love getting to know my readers.

Questions for you

What is your favourite LUSH product?

Have you tried Snow Fairy?

What is your favourite shower gel brand?

Speak soon

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