University Advantages and Disadvantages

November 04, 2014

So I thought this would be the prime opportunity to write seeing as I am tucked up in bed/in my onesie- yes it's that cold in a student house! So I have no excuses really, so here I am. When I started writing this post I wasn't sure what I would like to write about. You see for my course I have to do a lot of creative writing and that usually takes it all out of me. Recently I've been working on a horror story- ooo spooky. So I thought I'd just do a little post for students.

There are a lot of good things about university, but it's not all easy and partying. So I thought I'd sum up all the key things I think students or people considering studying should think about.

You gain a degree at the end- well providing you show up to uni!
You make loads of friends. Some will be keepers, and other just experiences.
You can feel part of a society or community.
You can learn useful life lessons that might make the transition into the real world easier.
You get to visit/live in another city or country.
You get loads of cheap student deals and offers.
There are loads of great parties and events to go to and be wild.

You're away from home and family and old friends.
You eat a lot of cheap food.
You probably run out of clothes every now and again.
You can't always afford things such as heating- eeep freezing.
There is a lot of pressure e.g. lad culture/ drinking.
Unfortunately there are still cases of bullying.
Your sleep pattern will be messed up.

Okay so I hope none of my disadvantage points put anyone off! University is a wonderful idea, one of which I do not regret myself. But it is a difficult decision so make sure you always take into account what YOU want to get out of your experience and how to make it the best possible for yourself.

There is loads more, but to be honest I'm sleepy and my nose is frozen, so I must go now.

Speak soon! X

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