Things To Do When You're Ill

October 14, 2014

It's that time of the year again when everyone seems to be or get ill- I know I am. I can't seem to shake whatever it is that I have. It can make you feel really glum, so for those of you who are stuck for ideas on how to feel better, here are a few of my tips:

1.) Get plenty of sleep, but don't over sleep. This one is a general rule in life to be honest. Not enough sleep and too much sleep can make you tired. Tiredness can lead to so many things and may be one of the reasons you're ill, or could be contributing to your immune system not working as well. So go to bed, get snuggly!

2.) Drink plenty- especially things with vitamins in. So this could be orange juice or vitamin water, whatever takes your fancy. Keeping hydrated is important in keeping your body healthy, so make sure you keep a bottle next to you at all times when ill- who cares if you keep needing to pee!

3.) Be happy. Now this may seem like I'm asking a lot. However when we're ill we feel really sad and moody, but if we try and do nice things and enjoy ourselves whilst ill, we'll start to feel better in ourselves. For example being happier could include finding a good boxset to watch whilst you're sat in bed drinking a lemsip, or it could be a nice walk down to the beach or park!

4.) Pamper yourself. Have a bubble bath and put a face pack on. Maybe use some gradual bronzing lotion to make you feel glowy and healthy on the outside, even if you're not feeling great on the inside. Pampering could even include treating yourself to a take away- these will also make you happier (see above).

5.) Wrap up warm. If you're ill, being cold is only going to make things worse (usually). So when you go out, put a coat and scarf on and don't go out with wet hate- death trap!

6.) Use the time you're cooped up inside to be productive- perhaps read a book or finish off some work you've been meaning to do.

7.) Have a hot lemon drink. My auntie introduced me to these, and they are lush. Use half a lemon, or a whole lemon , squeeze out the juice into a mug. Then pour hot water in, and add sugar and/or honey. It makes you feel so much better. Lemon is good for phlegm as it helps cut through it- meaning a clearer throat!

8.) Don't stress. Stressing makes you ill. So NO!

9.) Look up videos of cute puppies or kittens, because, well they make everyone feel better don't they? So look at how cute they are with their little ears and their little toes! Awh!

10.) Be comfy. Don't worry about dressing in your finest clothes. Take advantage of your illness and wear baggy comfy clothes- so much better!!

So I hope these have helped, even though I'm pretty much telling you what you already know, but hey ho!


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