Being Back

October 06, 2014

So I've been terrible at keeping up with my blogging schedule recently *smacks hand* and I keep apologising but that's because I genuinely feel bad. It feels so weird not blogging, now that I've been doing if for so long! I'm saying this now, and I hope I can keep my word, that I am going to be getting back on track as soon as possible. Things are crazily busy now as I not only have Uni, but now have work to go to as well- ah busy bee!

So anyway, I thought today I'd just chat about what I've been getting up to and how I feel about life and things really- nothing too serious. It's occurred to me recently how precious life is, and how much it means to us. If it meant nothing then we would feel nothing, yet we feel so many different emotions every single day. Life is messy and its tough,but it is also beautiful and fascinating.

It's been lovely to move back down to Portsmouth ( about a month ago), and we've been really lucky as the weather has been brilliant, however I sort of feel not in the mood for summer anymore... do you know what I mean. Of course it isn't summer anymore, it's actually Autumn, but when I moved back down, it was still technically summer, and the sun was glaring down and the sea was sparkling and lush. But now that my summer holidays are over I am looking forward to the colder months, where you can snuggle up and be cosy. I get too hot and bothered if it's hot when I'm not in the mood for it. Not that I have ANY control over this of course!

But, its been nice wandering down to the seafront nevertheless. We even played on the arcades last week, like we did this time last year a lot. Oh the nostalgia! We won these really creepy looking Mario-kart rip off toys. But then again I wasn't expecting much from a 2p machine.

So what have you all been up to recently?

Don't worry I'm still writing!

Speak to you soon loves! X

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