Be Holiday Ready: Budget Buys

August 08, 2014

We spend all year waiting for our summer holidays whether they be a sunny beach holiday or a bagpacking scottish wildlife holiday, we can't wait to start packing. But are you ready for your holiday? Some of our holidays can be very costly and it seems too much to pamper ourselves before we go, even though we may need it. However not all beauty products are expensive. Here are my budget beauty tips and holiday essentials that will assure that you are ready for your much deserved holiday without splashing out too much cash!

Before you go:

Boots Simply Sensitive range will assure your skin will be squeaky clean, fresh and nourished just in time for your holiday. Simply Sensitive's face wipes are perfect for popping in your holiday bag for quick make up removal!

Why not have a pampering evening a few nights before and try a face pack. These little budget beauties are wonderful for giving you a relaxing, refreshing summery boost! Just what you need before your holiday!
There is nothing worst than dry, dull looking skin. Ditch the dangerous tanning this year and switch to the healthier option of Dove's Summer Glow. This stuff it a god send. It gives you a glorious even, natural looking tan. Rub in some of this lotion before going away to have a gorgeous summery glow. Beach ready!

Get rid of those black heads and dry skin around the nose with these tea tree nose strips. Perfect for clearless/flawless skin before your holiday!

Try waxing instead of shaving- it'll last much longer meaning you are stress free whilst relaxing on holiday! Plus- no shaving rashes or cuts... that doesn't look good at the beach! 

Do not forget some strong sun lotion. Tanning, burning, whatever, it is still essentially damaging your skin! Find one with the highest factor possible to ensure your skin stays super beautiful.

Hair can get very dry and brittle on a hot holiday or even a cold windy one, so make sure you have an answer to it. Tresemme's Platinum Strength serum will recover hair damage from up to 2 years! Amazing!!

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