5 reasons to get outside

May 21, 2017

Hello my lovelies, it's been a short while, but a while nonetheless. I recently got back from a wonderful holiday with my other half to the Forest of Dean. We stayed in a wonderful log cabin which had an outdoor hot tub (definitely a highlight). We had a really great time relaxing and being active, and so I feel inspired to write this post.

Fresh air is amazing and I feel we should all get out in it more. We spend so much time these days, what with technology advancing, on our phones, consoles and computers, that we shut away the wonder that is nature and the outdoors. So I've collected five reasons for you to get outside this spring and summer...

1.) Fresh air keeps you healthy. Okay, so I'm not saying it'll cure the worst ailments, nor am I saying that it'll prevent anything. But I think we're all smart enough to realise that the outside air can do us a lot of good. I certainly felt better after having a few days walking amongst the trees, discovering new places and lapping up all of nature's goodness.

2.) It can inspire you. I know I felt far more inspired to write after spending time outside. The world is constantly moving and changing around us and it'd be silly not to use this as inspiration or motivation for something.

3.) Being outside can be a social activity. Spring days and and summer evenings are the perfect chance to spend time with the people we love most. Instead of talking on the phones, meeting in a cafe or having movie night, we can go for walks, have a BBQ or enjoy a glass of wine under the stars.

4.) You never know what you might see. This could be a blessing or not but the truth is we can't always control what happens around us. But when we look at this in a positive light, think of all the amazing things that you could discover when outside, perhaps that you never knew existed, and think of all the new things you may learn along the way.

5.) It'll make you feel good. Okay so this links to my first point. But I cannot stress this enough. Not only can fresh air being good for us physically, it also does wonders for our mental health. With vitamin D and enzymes on offer, why miss out? Even a short walk in the sun can be enough to lift your spirits and give you a more positive outlook on life.

what reasons do you have for getting outside this Spring/Summer? Let me know in the comments.

Speak soon

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