The best fake tan ever?! St Moriz Fast Tan Spray and Mousse

July 24, 2016

Hello, back again

If you read my blog regularly (which I'm hoping you do, and if not and you're new then hello!), you'll know that I am a lover of fake tan. I'm not going to go into why I am, because I've probably rambled on about that in other posts and also vlogs! See my last fake tan video here.

Today I am reviewing St Moriz Fast Tan. This is one of their newer products and I'm going to start this blog post off by saying... WOW. This has to be one of, if not THE, best fake tan I have ever used. Let me go into why.

Spray version:

So the spray cost me under a tenner, probably around £8 from Boots. A little pricier than previous St Moriz tans and a little pricier than I'd usually buy. However in no way breaking the bank and with summer coming up, I was willing to invest in a good product.

It explains the two methods of applying on the back: spray in circular motions directly onto the skin, OR spray onto a mitt and then apply. This was really good because I've often been a bit scared of getting spray tans because they go everywhere, so these directions were clear and gave you an option.

I tried the first method and sprayed in circular motions onto my skin and then used my mitt to rub in. This method worked so well and made my tan look really even all over AND I didn't feel as though the mitt was stealing my tan!!

It has a guide colour, which if you don't know, means that it has an instant colour when applying so you can achieve a streak free tan. The guide colour is a nice rich tan, but not orange, just a lovely golden colour.

Now because it's a fast tan, is states than for a light glow you leave for 1 hour, a medium glow leave for 2 hours and for a dark glow leave for 3 hours. It then says if you want it darker to leave it for 4 hours. From previous experience with fast tans, I find they still aren't very dark after a few hours. So I applied it in the morning and had a shower in the evening, so I probably left it on for about 8 hours (a normal tan time).
This photo does not do the colour justice- it actually looked a lot darker in person!!

I then washed it off and although you could see the guide colour running off, my skin remained almost as dark as it was with the guide colour on. This for me was brilliant because this is usually my biggest disappointment in tans. So this pushed St Moriz right to the top of my list.

It also smelt so much better than their older products. I think they have perhaps changed the formula. Not only this but the tan fades so much neater and non patchy. In fact the tan lasted a good 5 days. it started to fade a bit on the 4th day I'd say. But this is fab because usually tans start peeling or fading on the 3rd day.

This worked in the exact same way as the spray, except in mousse form. The foam/mousse is a really light and soft consistency so you don't feel like you're rubbing on a cheap feeling product. In fact it felt glorious on the skin and did not irritate the skin in anyway. It dried really nicely (after spinning in circles to air dry a bit ;) ) And, again, it smelt so much nicer- really fresh and not over powering.

Of course as the tan develops the fake tan smell does get a bit stronger but it was in no way bad, especially compared to the smell of their older tans.

So, this for me was a fake tan breakthrough! The colour was gorgeous, it lasted and it was nice and dark without looking ridiculous! Perfect for applying on a Thursday, ready for the weekend or at the start of the week for a week-long tan!

So if you haven't yet tried it, I would highly recommend it- especially if you love tanning as much as I do!

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