NO SPOILERS** Derren Brown's 'Miracle'

June 11, 2015

Hey loves,

So if you follow me on twitter (@alittlebitoflau   go... now!) you'll know that I mentioned that I was not reviewing a product today. But, I did say that I would be talking about something awesome, and I will.

So for about two months we've (myself, my brother and his girlfriend) have been really excited for, well what was last night, and finally the evening came. We went to see Derren Brown live! Myself and my brother actually went to his show Svengalli a few years ago and were so blown away by him that we needed to see him again.

So his new show is called 'Miracle' and it is amazing. If you like Derren Brown, go and see him. if you're not sure, go and see him anyway because you won't be disappointed. Not only is his act astonishing, he is hilarious as well so it's as if you get a magic/illusion show with a comedy stand up thrown in together- brilliant!

We saw him perform at Northampton's Royal and Derngate. Myself and Sarah enjoyed a double Pimms and Lemonade before the show as we got there 45 minutes early so we could soak up the atmosphere. We found a little sofa area and got to relax there before eventually going in to find our seats. First of all we went to the wrong door- of course we did. Only after being told we were on the wrong side of the auditorium, did we realised it said exactly which door to go through on our tickets- good one guys!

Our seats were on the front row of the Upper Circle. I like the Upper Circle because you get such an amazing view and by being on the front row, there was nothing to obstruct it. I got to take my Pimms in with me which was nice to sip on throughout the first half.

Now, I'm not going to give any spoilers- I am sworn to secrecy. Isn't that right Derren? It would only ruin it for people who are going to see him. His tour ends in July, so if you're interested you may still be able to get tickets (not sure) but if not, next time he's on tour don't hesitate in purchasing a ticket because he is worth every bit of the money.

After about an hour, he left the stage and it was time for the interval. I really wanted an ice cream but for some reason I could find the little ice cream people- you know the people who stand there and sell ice cream? So instead we got a 'Lick'- sounds a bit rude. It's a new frozen yoghurt bar. And for what it cost you certainly got your money's worth- I actually couldn't finish it! But it was really yummy!

Then before we knew it, Derren Brown was back on stage, impressing us with his show. The second half was even more intense than the first- if that was even possible. He gets every person involved so no one is left out.

When you leave you are half in shock and half filled with excitement and adrenaline. The whole auditorium cheered and whistled and clapped as he left the stage. And I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say 'I wish it hadn't ended!'.

A thoroughly enjoyable evening, one in which I will never forget. Derren Brown is an extremely intelligent and comedic man and his shows have been beyond amazing. I had the best evening! As did everyone else!

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