Sunny beach days, castles, chips and BBQ fun with friends!

June 14, 2015

Being spontaneous is one of the best ways to ensure you have fun. Being spontaneous turned my average day sitting at home/in the garden, into a fun filled day.

Yesterday was super sunny in Portsmouth, and although it was windy, it didn't make it any less beautiful. I'd just finished uploading yesterday's vlog when I went downstairs to do some baking with my house mate. We made chocolate shortbread (recipe coming soon). We then looked outside and thought we ought to make the most of the weather and we thought about sitting in the garden and reading our kindles. We then suddenly decided 'hang on lets just go to the beach with our kindles.' And so we did,

We ended up walking along the sea front for about 2 hours. It was great to see so many people out and about. The sea was a gorgeous turquoise blue and as we sat for a moment on the pebbly beach, we watched some little planes flying in formation. Some people were really brave and were actually swimming in the sea!! As we walked further along the sea front, I noticed that Southsea Castle was now open and because it is free admissions I suggested we go in and have a look. My thoughts were 'lets do as much as we can whilst we think of it, else we'll put it off and never get round to it.' And I'm glad we did.

Southsea Castle is a really nice little castle that was built for Henry VIII. It was really interesting to read about Southsea and about how the castle was used for military defence. I discovered that Southsea Castle came before the area of Southsea, and that Southsea was only named Southsea after the castle. You learn something new every day! We walked along the tops of the castle too which gave amazing views of the sea and the Isle of Wight. In fact it was so sunny we could see the sun reflecting off of the beaches on the Isle of Wight!

Afterwards we continued walking along the sea front, taking in everything. We chatted about Uni and all the things we still haven't done despite living here for two years now. It was about half 3 and we realised we hadn't had lunch, and so it was only right that we bought some chips on Clarence pier and sat in the sun. As we were nibbling on some extremely delicious chippies, we noticed two of our friends. And so we beckoned them over to discuss having a BBQ at our place. They were up for it and so that was our cue to head home so we could go shopping for BBQ stuff.

At about 7:30 people arrived and after attempting to get the BBQ going for a while, it finally started heating up and on went the food. We sat out and ate until about 9:30 and then it got a bit chilly and so we went inside. We ended up playing a card game called 'Scum' for a good couple of hours which was hilarious and had everyone laughing! It was just so lovely to have a chilled evening with friends. It was about 12:15pm when everyone got too tired and went home.

We'd been actively doing fun stuff for about 12 hours straight, and for once, I didn't feel exhausted or like I needed a break. It felt good to have casual fun that was easy and didn't involve drama or any nonsense. I had an excellent day and it was only my first full day back, so I can't wait to fill the rest of my days like I did this one.

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