Liebster Award 2015!

June 28, 2015

Hello everyone! So if you were here last year you'll know that I was nominated for the Liebster award! Well this year I've been nominated again thanks to Becky over at Hideaway Blogging! How exciting!

Here are the rules:
Thank and link the blogger (blogs) that nominated you
Post an image of the award that you like the most on your page
Answer the 11 questions the blogger that nominated you has asked
Link 5-11 (or how ever many you can/want) blogs that have less than 200 followers  
Create 11 questions for them to answer
Notify all the blogs via their social media sites and link them to your blog so they can answer them

So, thank you Becky for nominating me! You can check out her blog right here,

Here are the questions she asked with my answers!
1) what made you start your blog?
I study writing and so I am constantly having to write. I really wanted to get my voice out there and so I chose something that I really enjoyed (lifestyle and beauty) and chose to start up a blog and youtube channel!
2) What came first: chicken or egg?
The chicken probably, it would have evolved over thousands of years from other bird type creatures and then maybe laid eggs. Wait, now I'm not sure...
3)Who is your Idol?
I'm not sure if I have an idol. I think our biggest idol should be ourselves, or failing that our families. I am proud of what i've achieved and who I am and therefore I try my best to accept who I am. If we idolize someone, sometimes we start to compare ourselves too much!
4)Who is your favourite musician/band of the moment? 
This is a tricky one. Bands: I have always loved Queen! I've recently started listening to a singer called Molly Sanden- she's really good!
5) if you could have any job in the world, what would it be and why?
There are some many things I dream about being... An F1 driver, a singer, and actress on the West End? But realistically a Blogger and Youtuber!
6) where do you see yourself in ten years?
Either settled down in a nice house with dogs and two children and a husband. OR on a fancy yacht cruising around Monoco. Could go either way...
7) Favourite book? and why?
I don't have a favourtie that I can think of. But I recently read an amazing book called Old Sins, Long Shadows by Brenda Hawkey and I was obsessed!!
8) favourite makeup item?
Foundation or mascara.
9) best moment of your life so far? 
It's hard to choose one. But I'd say going to Silverstone Formula One weekend for the first time a few years ago with my dad!
10) What is the best quote you've ever heard?
'If opportunity doesn't knock... build a door.'

I nominate

Here are my questions:

My Questions For You

1.) What do you like to blog about most?

2.) What is your dream job?

3.) If you had to be an animal, which animal would you be?

4.) Who is your biggest inspiration?

5.) If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

6.) Where do you see yourself in a year's time?

7.) What word best describes you?

8.) If you had to blog about something else, what would it be?

9.) What is your favourite day of the week and why?

10.) Where do you see your blog taking you?

11.) What is your next goal that you hope to achieve?

Thanks again to Hideaway Blogging for the nomination!

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