5 Easy Ways To Be Healthy This Summer

June 09, 2015

If you're like me, then you'll probably go on another one of your 'get fit/healthy' obsessions again this summer- it happens every summer! To be fair to us, summer is the best time to get fit for obvious reasons. However getting fit and healthy can be hard especially as we enjoy indulging on meals out and sweets and what not to treat ourselves for the hard work we've done. So I've only gone and come up with 5 easy ways to get healthy whilst enjoying the summer haven't I? Here we go:

1.) Forget the gym. Go on walks and jogs. It's an obvious one I know but summer is the perfect opportunity to go for walks. They can be short walks, long walks, slow walks, whatever takes your fancy. And if you have a dog, why not take them out for a nice walk- they will thank you for that! Or perhaps you like reading in the garden? Instead why not walk to your local park and read there, then walk back. Putting in extra exercise where you can can really make the difference.

2.) Going on a shopping spree or an afternoon out in town? It's easy to fall into the trap of buying junk food to feed your perishing hunger. But, if your town has a market, why not buy some fresh strawberries instead. They aren't too expensive and you get a lot for your money- better than at a supermarket. Strawberries are lush, like healthy sweets. So grab a punnet of them (or whatever fruit you like) and snack on them throughout your trip. You'll feel fresher and healthier and proud for avoiding the junk food.

3.) Swap your breakfast around. Instead of having stodgy toast or fried breakfasts, try having fruit, or yogurt. It may seem boring but if you're really determined to be healthier then it'll make a difference and will make your morning feel fresher. Plus it doesn't have to be boring, be creative!

4.) Take a look at a usual days' food for you. Take one sugary/unhealthy item, just one, and swap it for something healthy. You'll be surprised at how swapping one item can make a difference.

5.) Drink! Another obvious one I know, but sometimes we mistake our hunger for thirst would you believe. So carry a bottle of water around with you. Also water is great for the skin and on a hot day will be your saviour. If you find water boring then have tea or squash. However water does the same as other drinks in that it rids you of your thirst yet water has no calories, so instead of putting unnecessary calories inside yourself, just drink plain and simple water!

I hope my little tips have been somewhat helpful. How about you get in contact or start and conversation about what you all do to stay fit and healthy?

Speak soon

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  1. These are all great tips for people interested in starting out on their health/fitness journey!



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