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May 14, 2015

So we're back again for my Thursday Review, and today I'm going to be discussing Neutrogena's pink grapefruit range. Now I've mentioned these products previously in one of my vlogs, but I wanted to review them in more detail for you all. Now I've only tried two of these products, and I got them because there was a deal on at Boots - which is always great! But I've used a neutrogena product before which I believe I have reviewed on my blog, and so I was excited to try their other products as I was so thrilled with the results of the other product.

 Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Oil Free Moisturiser

This product has easily become my favourite spring/summer moisturiser. As I've mentioned in my vlog (Which I shall link at the bottom of this review for those of you who haven't seen it) it gives the perfect feel to your skin. The ultra fresh smell of the grapefruit is the perfect pick me up for your skin and it fantastic for early mornings when you just want to crawl back into bed. It almost makes your skin feel wet and makes your eyes feel very moist which definitely helps wake you up. On top of this it actually does a pretty decent job at keeping your skin feeling soft throughout the day. Its light mixture is the perfect blend in making your skin feel ready for the day! I brilliant purchase and definitely one I shall be buying again! 9/10

Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Cream Wash

I haven't used this product as much as the moisturiser purely because I have so many face washes already open and so I didn't want to be confusing my skin! But I've used it enough times to be able to tell you that, well, neutrogena has got it going on. This brand knows what it's doing when it comes to skin care. When you squeeze some out onto your hand the product comes out a sort of pearly pink colour and it's ridiculously soft on your skin. It lathers up immensely well which means a really easy, refreshing application. It isn't very drying like some products as well, which means your skin doesn't feel like it's about to crack after using it, it actually feel nourished. With a good moisturiser application after, this is the perfect morning facial wash which leaves you feeling awake and bright eyed for the rest of the day. It just smells so great too! What more could we want? 8/10

As you can see, I've rated these products very highly. This is because I truly believe that these products work! This is only my opinion however and we must remember how everyone's skin is different. These products are definitely, in my opinion, worth a try. Hope this review has helped you decide on facial products!

Speak soon
Laura X

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