Schwarzkopf Osis+ Upload Volume | Review Thursdays

May 21, 2015

Back again for another Review Thursday and this week I am reviewing this absolute gem:

Schwarzkopf Osis+ Upload Volume

Now, I got this product from a hamper my dad was gifted at Christmas! I only found it out again the other week and thought to myself...

' My hair looks dull and thin and flat, I need a boost.' ...

and when rummaging through my many, yes many, products I was reunited with this, and so I gave it a go.

First of all I made sure my hair was lovely and clean and in good condition.

Then, before blow drying I applied my usual heat protector and split end serum.

I then put about 3/4 squeezes of Schwarzkopf Osis+ Upload Volume in my hands and massaged it into my hair. Making sure to focus mainly on the ends rather than the top of my head (don't want it looking greasy!).

I then continued on to blow dry my hair as normal.

And I was surprised by the results. I am always sceptical of volumising products as they never seem to do much. However this product certainly did give my hair a lift and made it feel thicker which I was the most pleased about.

My hair is super fine (by this I mean thin... I'm not just hitting on it) and it gets me down a lot because I feel I cannot do as much with it and it looks bare. Sometimes I feel as though hair extensions are my only answer to having thicker locks.

But this product definitely made me feel more confident as it just made my hair seem fuller.

No it isn't perfect, it doesn't magically make me have more hair, but it did give it more volume and texture and just did an all round good job at what I wanted it to do!

Well done Schwarzkopf, you've done it again!

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