Barry M Gel Finish Hi Shine | Review

May 07, 2015

I've been really envious of the craze of having 'gel nails' at the moment. Mainly because getting my nails done, and by this I mean not acrylics, seems pointless due to the fact I have long nails and therefore don't need falses, and I can simply do my own nails. I know it's not about that, it's more of a pamper thing, but It's never really crossed my mind to spend money on it. Anyway, gel nails always look lovely and so I felt like treating myself because of the success of one of my recent articles, and so I went shopping in search of a new nail vanish- which is always exciting for some reason.

This is what I bought:

Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint by Barry M - Pomegranate

This nails vanish gives the shine that you might get with a gel nail vanish. No, it is not actually a gel vanish, but it gives the impression of gel with its glossy finish and easy application. When using I simply applied one coat which, if you're in a hurry, is perfect because unlike some nail vanishes one coat actually looks full and okay on its own. However I put on a second coat for a thicker, more bold nail look. The shine is definitely more noticeable and my nails do look lovely. I didn't even realise the colour was called pomegranate and when I found this out it made me like it even more. It's such a lovely summery pink and it makes me feel like eating some fruit or a berry ice lolly- yum! Although don't eat the vanish- not a good idea, despite how lovely it looks! It does still chip however, but this is to be expected and it really does depend on how active you are and how practical you are, so this is not a deal breaker. Because it dries really quickly, applying another quick coat over the chips is not a problem. This nail vanish is easy to use and lovely to look at. An excellent purchase and one I'd recommend for those girls out there, like me, who don't have time (or money) to go out and get their nails done!

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