A Student's Day Out in London

May 12, 2015

Being a student can be both amazing and difficult. One of the most obvious difficulties is of course, money. I've never had too much of an issue with money because I like to save, and of course I had a weekend job this year which definitely helped. However it is still hard to plan fun and interesting things which don't tear your bank to shreds.

So we planned a student friendly day out to London. Here is the cost:

National Express Coach trip- £16 with NUS Extra Discount, £18 without.

London Tube Ticket- £12 or £7.90 with a Railcard

Natural History Museum- Free
Science Museum- Free
British Museum- Free

Dinner- McDonald's - £5.49 (of course you could easily find some other food, but this was what we fancied!)

Total: £33.49 or £31.39 etc

Here is what we did:

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