May 28, 2015

Hello all my wonderful readers. As you are probably aware I haven't been blogging this week due to being on holiday. I am still on holiday but because I missed you all so much I thought I'd write a little post to let you know I'm still here.

So I have gone on holiday with my family to Yorkshire, which is beautiful. We are staying in a gorgeous cottage near Dent which is right in the middle of the dales. It has a fantastic view of the hills and neighbouring farms and there are so many little baby lambs running around. In fact the other day a lamb got into our garden and we had to usher him out. There is also a little blackbirds nest right near our front gate, and if you look closely there are a few little green eggs inside it. So lovely!

We have been on many adventures, and eaten a lot of cheese. But I won't spoil anything as I plan to write a proper blog post on it next week along with a holiday vlog which I am still trying to film!

Thank you to all who have helped me reach 11,000 views! You are utterly amazing and I cannot thank you enough for returning to my blog. In was only the other week I reached 10,000 and so I can see my blog is gradually getting more known and popular, even if it is slowly. But hey, it all helps.

I am also very excited to be reviewing some amazing products that have been sent to me soon. I cannot wait to try them out, and one of them, which I have featured on my Instagram (Follow me @ alittlebitoflaurablog) I am going to start next Monday or Sunday depending on unpacking. It is clear to say that things are definitely picking up and I can see great things coming for this blog.

I am also really happy to announce I will have a new, personalised blog design soon and a avatar of myself to represent this blog and all my other accounts! Delightful!

Hope you are all keeping well!

Please if you have any recommendations for posts then contact me!

Speak soon

Laura X

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