Whipsnade Zoo Trip

July 17, 2014

 I went to Whipsnade Zoo for a friend's birthday. So I thought I'd share with you all some of my pictures or photography shall I say! Enjoy!

 Now there's a noble looking fella!

 This snake seems kind of cute from this photo. He's all snuggled in himself. Cute.

 This guy is very photogenic!

 This guy appears to be thinking, maybe he's planning a movie about his life, or posing for a headshot?

 These butterflies were free flying and weren't behind glass, which is good.Unfortunately I'm a wee bit scared of things that fly near me. Probably because if they are behind me I don't know where they areand I have a phobia of bugs flying in my clothes and laying eggs-urgh! Luckily I put on a brave face an went inside to take a photo! Good shot don't you think?

 These animals are the worse of all.

 How beautiful to capture a moment like this.

 'Hello!' Said the Red Panda.

 This little guy was so sweet but seemed to have an itch as he spent most of the time we were looking at him, scratching with his back foot. Red Panda's have such beautiful colouring and cute little faces!

 This rhino seemed a tad bored and hot as he paced back and forth. When I waved goodbye to him he replied 'rhureghhhhhh' which I felt meant 'see you around' but it's hard to say for sure!

 'Will you tickle my tummy?'

These bears were so silly! I want to bring one home and cuddle it.

Please do not steal these photos as they are products of my own photography work! Thank you.

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