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July 03, 2014

So, I previously reviewed Younique's fantastic facial care products, which have been a pleasure to use! Today's review will be on Younique's face make-up.

BB Flawless Complexion Enhancer
If you're looking for a light coverage that leaves you skin feeling soft and almost as if you aren't wearing make-up, then Younique's BB Flawless Complexion Enhancer is the one for you! I applied a small amount of this using a soft make-up sponge. I would highly recommend using a soft make-up sponge rather than your hands or a brush as it gives a much more even, natural looking finish and is also kinder on your skin. I have fair skin so I used the 'Cream' shade of this product which matched my skin perfectly. Unlike a lot of foundations and BB creams, this product didn't feel heavy. Sometimes even with one layer of face make-up you feel like the moment you get hot, your face will melt off! However this BB Cream made me feel as though I wasn't even wearing any, and because of this, as it gradually wore off by the end off the day, it wasn't a huge change to my look- because the result it gives you is so natural! The BB Cream is very silky and smooth but doesn't feel too oily on the skin and left my skin feeling nourished throughout the day! 

Moodstruck Minerals Concealer
For a lot of women, concealer is a vital part of their make-up regime. Whether it be for concealing blemishes or for hiding dark circles, concealer has earned its place in our make-up bags. Younique offers a wonderful range of skin tone shades in their fabulous Moodstruck Minerals Concealer, from 'Fresh' to 'Fierce'. To apply, I simply dabbed my concealer brush into the powdered concealer ( it can also be mixed with water or rose water to create a more creamy solution) and applied it to the areas of my face where blemishes had broke out. I also used small amounts under my eyes. As a powder, I already had the reassurance that it would stay put for a long amount of time and that it would not feel sticky. In fact it acted as a powder and a concealer and helped lock in the BB Flawless Complexion Enhancer that I have already applied. Some people may like to apply concealer before foundation or BB Cream, however I often apply afterwards because I can see what the foundation hasn't covered! This concealer feels so light and dainty and doesn't leave your skin looking like it is coated in layers of thick make-up! A fantastic buy that would easily fit in with your other daily products!

Refreshed Pure and Natural Rose Water
Rose water can be used to mix with the Moodstruck Minerals Concealer and the Moodstruck Minerals Pigment Powder (which I shall review next time) to create a creamier texture if powdered make-up is not for you. This allows us to have control over how and what we apply to our face! The Rose Water can also be used simply as quick splash of revitalising moisture, to give you a fresh, awake feeling throughout the day. It smells lovely and I was surprised as to how well it worked with all the other make-up!

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All products pictured in this blog are in sample containers.

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