German Grand Prix 2014- Formula One

July 20, 2014

The German Grand Prix was certainly a very exciting one and saw Lewis Hamilton start from 20th place on the grid and fight his way up to finish in 3rd. A fantastic drive from many drivers. 

Rosberg took and kept his lead well and was consistent as usual, even when at one point it looked as though his left front was struggling, he powered his way to another win. An excellent drive from Valltari Bottas resulted in yet another 2nd place and another podium, the young Finnish driver is certainly proving his worth on the track. A fantastic battle between Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso yet again took place much like at Silverstone, but with various pit stops, Vettel took home the 4th place position. Later Alonso had his challenges with other Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo, who, if he'd had another lap, probably would have over taken the Ferrari driver to take 5th, but couldn't quite grasp it. 

The German Grand Prix saw 4 retirements, the first one of Felipe Massa, who through no one's fault, left the track in a way he wouldn't have expected- almost upside down! Later Daniil Kvyat impressed us by managing to carefully park his car that was ablaze and manage to quickly escape safely and unharmed! Sutil later spun, leaving his car mid track on the straight causing a panic among stewards as to how to safely remove the car from the track. 

A very special race for Nico Rosberg, to win his home Grand Prix. Excellent driving from all drivers, but to come from 20th and end 3rd really proved the quality of Lewis Hamilton's drive.

Great racing and from great racers, the German Grand Prix was a thrilling, fast-paced and more than anything, enjoyable race to watch.

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