The Best Weekend Ever

July 06, 2014

So this weekend I went to the Silverstone Grand Prix, for the second year running with my Dad. And it was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. So I'm going to share some pictures for today's post because I'm too warn out to write much!

 We got to sit on the International Pit Straight for the GP3 race! All the cars are lining up on the grid ready to start...
 So many tyres...
 Myself and the Father enjoying the weather and the British motosport! Had to take a selfie at some point!!
 My skills at a panorama shot, because clearly I see myself as an amateur photographer...
 Myself and my Dad, on Thursday at Silverstone's 50th Anniversary special Pit Lane walk, which was epic! Got Max Chilton's Autograph and Graeme Lowden's
 International Pit Straight...
 A GP2 car.. I think. I can't remember when I took this...useful I know. Looks like possibly Mitch Evans' car!
Chilling with my Primark ankle wellies, in the sun, after the morning's down pour on Saturday (which made qualifying very interesting and exciting).

There are so many more photos, but I thought I'd just give you a little taste for now, as I'm sure I'll be writing about Silverstone much more!!!

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