Reviewing Beauty Products from Younique

July 01, 2014

As I've previously mentioned, I have been lucky enough to receive some lovely little samples from Younique Make-up! How exciting! So in today's blog I will be reviewing some of their face products!

First of all I cleansed my face using Younique's Awake Facial Cleanser. To use this you get a little on your hands and add water to create a good lather. It lathered up really well and when I applied it to my face it was lovely and soft and didn't scratch or irritate my skin, like some other cleansers, which can be quite harsh on the skin, especially to those with sensitive skin. After rinsing and patting my face dry with a towel, I noticed my skin felt fresh and awake. I often suffer from fatigue, but this cleanser made my skin feel alive and left it feeling nourished and soft! I have continued to use this cleanser since my first try and have definitely noticed a difference. My skin looks naturally better when I wake up and it seems to have corrected blemishes and blotchy skin! Fantastic!

Next up from Younique was their Brilliant Daily Moisturizing Gel. To look at, it is a clear cream with little white gel balls. To apply I took a small amount and dotted it in all the appropriate places: chin, cheeks and t-zone. It felt really great on my skin and rubbed in well and easily. It had the right mix of silkiness and creaminess that left my skin feeling radiant without being oily. My skin is always a bit crazy to deal with as it's either really dry or really oily! I can never win! And I often think it could be down to the products I use. I loved this product because it met me in the middle. It gave my dry skin the boost it needed but also kept excess oils at bay, but left me with a healthy looking, natural glow. I have felt more confident since using this moisturiser, and you never know maybe soon I'll be brave enough to go bare faced!

Next I used Younique's Moodstruck Glorious Face and Eye Primer. This was probably my favourite product. I've never felt my skin feel so smooth! I applied small amounts to every area of my face that needed it. This Primer not only minimised my pores but also made my face feel ready for make up! It also seemed to correct my skin tone where blotchy. I was thrilled by the results of this product! It was the perfect start to my make up regime and I would definitely buy this product!

Overall, the face products I sampled were fantastic, and I would highly recommend them for women who want a fresh, awake feeling added to their daily make-up routine. If you, like me, are fed up of thick heavy moisturisers and scratchy cleansers, then Younique's facial products may just be the answer to your prayers!!

Stay tuned for my next Younique blog post, where I will be reviewing Younique's  BB Flawless Complexion Enhancer!

Products photographed in this blog post have been put in sample pots not their actual pots!

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