September 23, 2014

Sometimes we fill our lives with social plans and studies and work, that we forget about one very important thing- relaxation. We may feel like we have no time for it or that cramming lots of activities into small amounts of time is the same as relaxing as you are spending your 'free time'. However free time can be seen and used in different ways.

In my opinion, free time is what I call the time I spend alone relaxing by myself and doing the little things that I want to do- like watching my favourite show or playing my guitar. To others free time may be what they call their social life. Or they may be one of those people who HAS to be doing something social to be having a good time and feel relaxed.

I am here to express the importance of relaxation. Which I'm sure you all already know, but as I sit snuggled up in my duvet at 5pm on a Tuesday, I have decided that I want to stress how wonderful it is to 'chill' and relax. It's just so cosy and warm and makes all the little things and problems go away for a while. I'm not suggesting you run away from problems but sometimes you want to just curl up and that's okay!

I believe it is important to spend time by yourself, whether it be napping, shopping, jogging etc whatever it is you like doing. This is because sometimes we spend so much time helping others or listening to others that we forget to listen to ourselves. We need time alone in order to catch up with ourselves and think about what it is that we want, and how we feel. You need time to gather your thoughts and organise your time so that stress is gradually eliminated.

So next time you have a few hours free, instead of planning outings or social events, take some time to be by yourself and enjoy your own company. You'll feel more refreshed and calm and happier about your routine and life. Time alone sometimes can be good for you! :)

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