Confessions of a 2nd Year Student..

September 27, 2014

2nd year highlights the fact that the fun year is over. Of course all of your years will be fun, but gone are the days where you can be a little care free and not worry about anything. This year you can't miss anything as it all counts for your final grade and you suddenly realise how much more effort you need to put in this year compared to last.

My 2nd year thoughts:

1.) I worked hard last year. Damn you mean I have to work even harder?!

2.) Bills? Seriously, I wanted a McFlurry this week, but now I can't afford one!

3.) On second thoughts, oo a McFlurry!

4.) Scrap that I spent my last pound on a snakebite!

5.) Eugh I have to read meters and be sparing with water and electricity!

5.) Why do I live so far away from Uni?!

6.) You mean I have to go to Uni AND have a job like an adult? Whaaa?

7.) I feel as though I haven't slept in years!

8.) Why are these stairs so steep?

9.) Owh I've run out of mugs... I'll just buy some more. Oh wait I can't- I have no money!

10.) These walls are thin.

11.) My bag is so heavy!

12.) Why so early?

13.) Oh more bills...

14.) We're going out tonight? Oh okay, sorry I forgot that I wasn't allowed sleep at University!

15.) I wish it was last year!

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