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April 18, 2016

Hello my lovelies,

So I recently purchased a beautiful dress from Boutique of Molly. If you haven't heard of them you can check out their website here. They are a fashion line that brings the latest celebrity inspired looks for great prices.

The website is very welcoming and is easy to use - I know this is a weird thing to point out on a review, but often websites can be frustrating to use, and this wasn't, so for me that's always a bonus point!

After perusing what I might like to buy, I decided on a dress. I have Graduation and Grad Ball coming up and so I thought it could either be for that or for a nice evening in summer.

I went for the 'Rosa' Floral Plunge V Neck Bodycon Dress. I thought it was stunning and I rarely go for the colours in this and so thought it'd be great to try. It has a nice plunge v neck, as stated, but it isn't too much which is great because it doesn't feel too revealing, but still feels sexy.

The postage was great and it arrived the very next day. I was a bit skeptical of this because so often online stores promise this and often fail. But, nevertheless, there it was on my doorstep, my pink parcel - I think it's super cute that it was wrapped in pink!

I ordered a size 10. My body can be very difficult as I seem to have big thighs and a sizeable bottom shall we say, and I'm rather slim on the top, so sizing can be tricky. However this dress fitted me like a glove. I don't think I've ever found a dress that fits me THIS well! And it's so comfortable, it clings in all the right places and looks sexy yet classy! The perfect mix.The material is soft and also quite thick, which I really like because it'll give a little extra warmth for those chilly summer evenings. It also means that it isn't see-through!

I've always been a bit of a tom boy. Dresses look nice on me, but I often avoid wearing them and opt for shorts or jeans. However, after finding a dress that suited me so much, I feel more confident that I have a good body for it!

I would highly recommend Boutique of Molly and I can't wait to buy more from there gorgeous online store!

Please check it out!!
'Rosa' Floral Plunge V Neck Bodycon Dress

Speak soon

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