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April 10, 2016

So I promised you all I would write lots of blog posts over Easter break and have I done that? Have I ever... I'm so sorry, this has possibly been the busiest holiday I have ever had, and all for good reasons.

Let me update you.

I've been super motivated to get fit over the past couple of weeks and, I know, how many times do I say that, right? But this time feels more serious, I've gone jogging every morning giving myself the odd rest day where I don't run but I still walk Marvel at least twice a day, so not completely a rest day. I've also been on two bike rides of 14 miles each. I'm actually considering getting a bike as it is a fantastic way to stay healthy and enjoy the beautiful earth whilst doing so. These times I cycled around Pitsford Reservoir. In terms of jogging I usually stay local. I have also enjoyed a beautiful walk around Bradgate Park, the views were fantastic and they have gorgeous deer there.

I've been out and abouts with friends a lot too these hols, including a pizza, beer and movie night and a Mexican themed Come Dine With Me evening. It's honestly been so lovely and almost overwhelming to have so many nice things to do. I've also, of course, had lots of lovely family time, including a couple of Chinese takeaways (our favourite), a trip to Bella Italia and a lovely afternoon and lunch with my mum and Auntie to Heart Of The Shires - a lovely shopping village.

Whilst doing all of that stuff, I've been working hard on my dissertation, which if you recall, was the reason behind my lack of blogging recently.

*Stops for breath...*

Today, I am making some cute Easter cakes (yes, I know, too late.) and yes these will be the classic chocolate crispy cakes, but you can't go wrong with a bit of chocolate and cornflakes!

I am eager to hear what all of you have been getting up to recently, I've missed you all and I will be publishing a few posts this week to make up for everything!

Stay funky

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  1. It's so motivational to read about your health and fitness journey, you go girl! xxxxx




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