Banana and Oat Protein Pancakes | Recipe

April 26, 2016

 So if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter (if not, follow me here on Twitter and Instagram) you'll have noticed I've been really into fitness and health recently, and also in last week's blog post I talked about what I've been doing to stay fit/train - if you haven't had the chance to read that post, read it here!

The other day I was really hungry for something that was tasty but also healthy and I did some research and eventually I decided to make these - Banana and Oat Protein Pancakes. Now I'm sure there are loads of different or maybe the same recipes all over the Internet, but I thought I'd share with you what I did to make mine.

Frying Pan

1 OR 2 bananas- you be the judge
Oats- I like to just guess, because life is too short to be perfect #preach
1 egg
Half a teaspoon of baking powder
Cinnamon - as much as you like, although you don't want to go overboard!
Chocolate Sauce

Step 1.) Blend the banana, oats, baking powder, egg and cinnamon together in a blender until it's a creamy consistency.

Step 2.) Heat up your frying pan and put some oil in it.

Step 3.) Spoon out some of the pancake mix and put it in the frying pan in circular shapes (well, you know what pancakes look like). The mix I made this morning was enough for 4 little pancakes, the perfect amount and they all fitted in the frying pan at once.

Step 4.) Flip them when they have started to go golden brown on one side. Keep doing this step until both sides look nice and golden!

Step 5.) Pile up the pancakes on a plate.

Step 6.) Drizzle some honey in between the layers of pancakes or just over the top if you like.

Step 7.) Cut up some strawberries and place them around the outside of the pancakes or on top!

Step 8.) Drizzle some chocolate sauce on for a bit of naughtiness.

Step 9.) Make yourself a beverage, maybe a cup of tea because every day should start with a brew.

Step 10.) Eat the pancakes and feel amazing!

So I hope you find this recipe useful. It's super easy and actually rather healthy because it contains lots of fruit! It's a much healthier alternative to normal pancakes and yet it tastes amazing. It's a fabulous breakfast to have before a big day or a big workout! So try it out and let me know how it goes!

Speak soon

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  1. These look absolutely amazing! I'm can't wait to try making these but hope they turn out half as good as yours! Loving your blog :D xx

    elizabeth ♡
    follow for follow on bloglovin'? :D



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