What To Expect During Fresher's Week

August 17, 2014

Fresher's week is always a much awaited time for students to-be. For a lot of students, it offers a chance to be wild and free, and a perfect way to celebrate living away from Mum and Dad. It's hard to know what to expect before experiencing it as it is not the same as going on a one off night out. Here are some things you can expect from 'Fresher's week'- or in some Universities' case 'Fresher's Fortnight':

1.) Fresher's flu is NOT a myth. You WILL get ill during your first few weeks. This is because there are so many people, all in a new environment, and it is easy to spread germs and illnesses.

2.) You will be handed flyers everywhere you go and you will end up with a room full of them by the end of the week.

3.) Foam parties can be dangerous if you're not overly tall!

4.)Your halls will look worse for wear when you wake up every morning.

5.) Queues will be massive and you will wonder, when you finally get in, if your first year is already over because you've been standing in the queue for that long.

6.) Everyone is overly friendly. Be careful.

7.)You'll eat a lot of fast food.

8.)You'll get sick of your 'Fresher's Week' wristband getting soaked every time you shower, wash your hands or wash up, and staying wet for the rest of the day.

9.)Flat/House parties will probably end up being better than the events.

10.) You may not make it into all of your University lectures. Or if you do, it's probably because you have just stayed awake from the night before.

11.) Fresher's Fayre will make you feel like you are a herd of cattle, and you'll feel as though someone will 'moo' at any given moment.

12.) You'll have been persuaded to enter an empty night club, just because you were all too polite to walk away.

13.) Even if you haven't gone out, you won't sleep due to all the racket going on outside- both from club music and people having arguments in the courtyards at 4am.

14.) All your shoes will be sticky from people spilling their drinks down you whilst you try to squeeze past them to go to the toilet when in night clubs.

15.) And finally, you'll realise you've spent too much money, and you'll try to make a plan where you live off £5 a week- which only one day later won't work out as you've bought another kebab to 'save on washing up', when we all know it's because you're too lazy to cook.

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