The Unfortunate Sock Incident

August 24, 2014

Back for a pupdate. Mr Marvel is doing well and is looking rather lanky now as he enters his teen phase now that he is 4 months old! He's a troublesome one that's for sure, he still likes to nip at my hands, feet and clothing- me more than anyone else, not sure why, maybe I taste better!

Anyway I have a little story that will make you laugh- I think. About two weeks ago I was up nice and early as I had a busy day ahead of me. My mum was already up as well and my Dad was busy on a phone conference in the other room. My mum came down the stairs clutching the laundry basket ready to put a load into the washing machine. So far everything was normal.

Marvel, being the playful pup he is managed to pick up a pair of knickers that mum had accidentally dropped as she was loading up the machine. He ran around the kitchen with it, as dogs do ( they only want things that they know they can't have and I think they like being caught as it becomes a game). So we tried to catch him- all seemed like harmless fun.

 When mum had finished loading the washing into the washing machine, she needed the pants back to put them in too. We knew we'd be asking too much for him to just drop the them, so we turned our backs to get a treat for him so we could exchange it. Marvel obviously knew the sound of his treat tin, as most dogs would. We turned round to give him the treat and Mum said 'Oh where's have the knickers gone?!' He must have dropped them somewhere we thought, perhaps he'd put them back in the washing machine, although the chances of that were next to nothing. We suddenly started to panic as we looked around and there was no sign of the knickers. Had he? Surely not? Had Marvel swallowed a pair of pants, whole?!

We were a bit worried as a pair of pants obviously aren't part of a balanced diet. We decided to take him to the vets. They discussed that the best way to retrieve the them would be to induce vomiting so that the pants would reappear and not damage his insides. We agreed to this.

After the vet had given him the injection she came out to tell us that he had been vomiting. What she told us next was the worse part/funny part. Not only had Marvel thrown up the pants and half his food, he'd also thrown up a sock. When on earth did he eat that?!

It's clear to say that Marvel the pup is one tricky little guy who has a thirst for trouble. We love him very much and he brings us both joy and fear sometimes when he swallows things he shouldn't! What a crazy little guy!

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