What I'd Put Into Room 101

August 19, 2014

If you've watched the show then you'll already know that Room 101 is where the contestants 'send' their pet hates. So, I thought about it for a while and here are my 3 things that I'd put into Room 101.

1.) People who use social media far too 'openly' and tend to share their entire life with everyone on their timeline. These types of people often like to tag people they are bad mouthing, or print screen bitchy texts and publish them on everyone's timeline, for all eyes to see. Why? What is the point. To be honest it gets to the stage where you feel you know too much about a person you barely know, and in some ways it acts as your own soap opera.

2.) 'Faffy' clothes. When I was younger I'd do anything to look good, and I think I actually recall saying 'Fashion is pain' (seriously?). However now I often find myself going through all my pretty, frilly, floaty outfits and then getting stressed and putting my leggings back on that I was wearing yesterday. In my eyes being comfy wins. And you can still be comfy and look nice, so to those people who really wish they could look like celebs all the time- I'd rather be in a big hoodie and leggings sipping a hot chocolate than wearing silly clothes.

3.) Flat stomachs. Now there is a difference between having a flat tummy and being slim. I'd like to think I'm fairly slim, but I do not have a flat belly. I honestly don't understand the 'flat tum'. Surely if you eat then your stomach will expand, leaving you with a little bloat and stretch. So all these girls I see taking photos wearing crop tops and showing off their flat bellies- 'Do you not eat? Have a McDonalds!'. I know most people wish they had a flat belly, myself including, but sometimes we really DO have to except that we are all made differently and that some people apparently can have stomachs as flat as an ironing board and others will always have more curves. I think curvy is much better anyhow, but I would put 'Flat Bellies' into Room 101 because it makes me want to scream ' GO AND EAT SOME CREAM CAKES FOR GOODNESS SAKE!'.

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