The 5 Most Inspirational Disney Songs

April 07, 2014

So this is just my opinion, but I've chosen really wisely. And it's hard, it's very hard to choose only 5. Why do this blog post you may ask? Well I feel like people need a little uplifting every now and again, and who wants to read pages and pages of serious stuff? Let's face it, Disney is magical- all that disagree are ... wrong. And music can really relax and cheer people up. So I've picked of my top five inspirational and motivational Disney songs! Enjoy :)

At number 5...
Go The Distance- Hercules
Sometimes, I think Hercules gets a bit forgotten. I'm not sure why because it's brilliant. This song for me, tells those who listen to it that you really can do anything you put your mind to. When listening to this song I for some reason think of climbing a mountain through storms and reaching the top with dignity, and as I reach the top, the clouds part and I can see a beautiful sun rise! It could happen!
Go The Distance

Number 4...
Can You Feel The Love Tonight- The Lion King
I'm sorry but this song makes me want to stand under a waterfall and run through a jungle in a 'happily in love' kind of way! I can't help but mime this song in a sort of slow motion, head swaying, arm gestured way.
Can You Feel the Love Tonight

Number 3...
You Got A Friend in Me- Toy Story
This song always makes me feel lucky to have such wonderful people in my life. Whether it be family or friends, this song always reminds me that sometimes the person who is the most loyal, is someone you may least expect. It also reminds us that someone who stands by us through thick and thin, must never go unnoticed as a friend. It's also a really chirpy, happy tune that gets everyone singing and bobbing along!
You Got A Friend in Me

Number 2....
Let It Go- Frozen
This goes without saying. It didn't win an Oscar for nothing. It is amazing. But seriously guys, let it go. Just let it go. This song makes us remember to be ourselves and let our person inside us be free. No song has ever made me want to live in a house made of ice, more than this song does.
Let It Go

And finally...
Number 1.............................
I'll Make a Man out of You- Mulan
Words cannot, they just cannot, express my love for this song. I think everyone would agree that this song has such power that after listening to it, we feel we too are ready to defeat the Huns. I always like to listen to this song whilst running. It really helps motivate me, with its beautifully sculpted lyrics.
I'll Make A Man Out of You

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