Animal cruelty must be stopped!

April 07, 2014

Animal cruelty is a very serious topic to discuss. In this world a lot of animal cruelty goes unnoticed by humans, perhaps because we focus a lot of human cruelty, and to some animal welfare may seem of a lesser importance. However I strongly believe that animals should be treated as a human should. 

   The point is made stronger by the fact animals do not have the ability to communicate through spoken language to human, and thus have no power in telling us exactly how they feel. So, even the best of owners and people may misunderstand their animals. Nevertheless there is a difference between simply misunderstanding a pet and mistreating a pet. 
I was fortunate to own a beautiful Golden Retriever for thirteen years, and during his life there were times when I wished he could have just spoken and told me exactly what he wanted. I'm sure all pet owners know what I mean when I say that pets can communicate with us through a 'look'. In this case it is only a small thing- that they can't speak to us, as we make up for it through learning to understand each others body language. However the time when I feel it would benefit more for animals to talk, is when being abused.
  There is nothing that upsets me more, than seeing someone or something in pain. Seeing animals being abused or neglected is extremely distressing for myself and many others. And when I say that talking would be beneficial, I of course don't suggest that it would solve any solutions. What I mean is, I wish animals could tell their abusers to stop. Its almost like being bullied and not having the voice (as a human) to stand up for yourself. The images I see everyday through social media of animal cruelty is quite frankly more than shocking. And it is UNACCEPTABLE in all cases. Most pet owners and animals lovers know that animals come into the world loving unconditionally; just by their expressions you can tell how much love and kindness they have behind their eyes. So what I cannot fathom is how any being could be so inexplicably cruel to another animal. After all we are animals ourselves and most would agree that abuse to humans is wrong also. SO why do some people think that it is acceptable to treat animals so badly? 

    A story that deeply saddened me the other day was about a poor Canadian Goose that had its lower beak ripped off, leaving his tongue hanging out, making it almost impossible to feed, by some unholy youths. This was believe to have occurred as part of a game or initiation. I believe this behaviour is truly disgusting and revolting! It makes me feel sick that there are people in this world that have the ability to be so evil!
Something needs to be done about animal cruelty! There needs to be more awareness raised about these horrific acts and people. 

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