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April 22, 2014

I am currently sat here at my desk (or as I'd prefer to call it, 'my office') with my laptop and a cup of tea to the right of me, and the window to the left. I've had a lovely Easter break back down in Northampton with my family, but soon felt like I was ready to come back to Portsmouth. As you saw from my Vlog 'Shopping Haul: University Bits and Bobs' I had lots of things to use and unpack when I arrived here yesterday afternoon. My room now smells very fragrant and beautiful!

    Last night my flatmate and I had the choice of going out or staying in ( a choice that is always a tricky one!) but after debate we decided to stay in and watch Made In Chelsea whilst having a bit of el vino! It was a lovely night and before we knew it we were playing cards ( a game called 'poo head' that another flatmate taught us in freshers week) and that game where you stick a post-it note on each others' heads and you have to guess the name on it- I can't even remember the name of the game so I probably wasn't much use at playing it! It was a lovely evening to come back to and I already felt settled back in.

   This morning I must admit I had a bit of a lie in- but only until 11 because my sleep hadn't been the best and it wasn't getting any better. So I decided to pop in the shower and throw on a baggy top, leggings and some lovely little Greek looking sandals. I had a very healthy breakie of weetabix biscuits and activia yogurt. Yum! A great way to start the day (goodness that sounds cheesy)! It was lovely and sunny out but the big ol' ball of fire seems to have gone away for a bit, which is annoying considering I'm about to go out shopping- much preparation for my Primark Haul Vlog on Saturday!

    Considering it's the first few days back, it's extremely quiet. Perhaps everyone is SO settled in they can't leave their beds? Either that or everyone is at a party that I wasn't invited to (slightly concerned now!) Just kidding! It's still a bit chilly here although yesterday afternoon was blissful.

So I've just gotten back from shopping- got a bit cold! Bought a few things from Pri of the Mark (Primark) that I'm in love with! Then came back and had a cuppa of course and a very healthy post-shopping lunch! ( how long will the healthy eating last I wonder?) Feeling very tired now so may take a nap or spend some time on Youtube now!

I thought today, because it has been a kind of settling back in sort of day, that I'd just simply write about it. Sometimes its nice to just read something simple, and I don't want to bore people or hurt their brains by writing really serious stuff. So I hope you've enjoyed this little snippet of my life!

I will be trying to post at least 3 times a week from now on, with a vlog on each Saturday! Please stay tuned and subscribe and follow me on all accounts!! Thanks for the support!

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