Spring Treats

April 29, 2014

So Spring is a beautiful season, and as previously mentioned, it's a great time to pamper yourself. It starts getting warmer which probably means you'll be wearing cooler clothes and having more skin on show. This means you have to pamper and treat yourself whilst looking after that skin!
Here are a few of my personal faves at the moment, that I use and have found to be greatly successful!

Nivea Lip Butter- Raspberry Rose 
This is gorgeous. It really is buttery and feels a lot thicker and moisturising than some lip balms. It also smells like a raspberry milkshake- which is really all I look for in a lip balm flavour! Mmmm Delicious!! It makes me lips really soft, and to be honest I always neglect my lips and suffer bad cases of chapped/bitten lips, and this honestly has really helped!!!

9/10 Only down side is it doesn't taste of much- but that's okays as I've been told its not good to eat lip balm anyway!!!

 SunKissed- Self Tan Mousse
I have finally found this incredible product!!! praise the lord! If you're pale like me, it's sometimes good to give ourselves a little glow. Who cares if its fake- its so much better for your skin anyway. This product genuinely does smell better than most- it has a sort of coconutty smell which is lovely. Of course all fake tans smell a bit but this was a lot more bearable! It also has much more olivey tones which I think give a much more natural looking tan, instead of looking orange. I also noticed that's it wears of very gradually and doesn't go scaly or patchy! Success!!                   8/10

Beauty Formulas- Australian Tea Tree- Exfoliating Facial Wash
This makes my skin super soft! It's non abrasive, so your skin doesn't feel sore or stingy after using, which makes me happy! Its great for lathering up with water for a really refreshing wake up product. It makes your skin well prepared for day make up, and makes you feel like your skin is really clean and healthy! Wicked!

7/10   The only downside is it doesn't not have exfoliating balls in it which I expected it to when I bought it. They are usually really good at  getting rid of dead skin. So whether or not it does that less or not I'm not sure. Nevertheless my skin has never felt softer!

Neutrogena- Visibly Clear- 2 in 1

I've actually had this for a while, but it's really good and lasts a long time. It can be used simply as a face wash, or a face mask, which is fantastic as it means you don't need the separate products!! A cheaper way to beautiful skin!  I think it works really well at unclogging pores, as when I've used it my skin does seem to break out the day day. Some of you reading this may think that's bad- but its not, the break out has to come out, it won't just disappear, so this speeds it up and gets rid of them quicker!! Because of this i;d advise using it a few days before an event or party, so that you don't have a break out on the day you have to be somewhere! Nightmare ah!

8/10 Simply because there are always new products to find and explore, and I of course am yet to try them all. However I love this product and use it often!

Beauty Formulas- Rejuvenating Glorious Mud Facial Mask

I bought this for coming back to University, as it was only £1! Amazing! It smells really nice and does leave your skin feeling fresh. It perhaps doesn't have such an extreme effect as the Neutrogena, but for sure this is a product you could use for a little treat or more frequently to maintain your healthy skin. It says it control oil and absorbs impurities and unclogs pores, so that's definitely a heads up towards better looking skin I'd say!

7/10 My skin does feel and look great, but I think the Neutrogena has the edge for me. But that doesn't mean I don't love this product- it's great for putting on and relaxing whilst watching a movie!!

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